Divitia Gratiae University (successor of CTE) is accredited by the Euro-Asian Accreditation Association from 2001. This international structure with its headquarters in Sacramento (USA) and Odessa (Ukraine) is an accreditation association of theological universities which encompasses 54 members from states within the US, Baltic, Asian and European countries (www.e-aaa.info).
EAAA is a member of the International Council of Theological Education (ICETE – www.icete-edu.org) which encompasses 8 regional accreditation associations which cover all the continents of the world. At the moment, 29 institutions are accredited or in the process of receiving accreditation. Also, EAAA abides by the standards of the Bologna process which allowed our institution to be part of the transferable credit-based studying system from 2008.

Due to this collaboration, UDG demonstrates high performance at a didactic and scientific level, organizing international scientific conferences. Our lecturers have access to a lot of resources in the field of theological and social studies. This has significantly contributed to raising the level of teaching, opening new perspectives for the development of our professors and students. An important advantage of EAAA accreditation is that our graduates can continue their post-graduate studies in western institutions which are a part of ICETE, such as USA, Austria, Great Britain, Czech Republic etc. Also, in these countries licentiate diplomas can be equated.